Blogic Release Notes



9 August 2021

  • New Added custom classes to body and footer based on page type and page title.

body-page-title body-page-type footer-page-title footer-page-type

  • New Non Blog post pages are now full width
  • Fixed Page titles are now based on the blog post title from Notion.

page Title - Website Name



2 August 2021

  • New Publish posts manually. To get this add a new Column Published if its not already in your Notion Database and make it as checkbox. Toggling the checkbox will Publish/Unpublish the post. As an author if you want to view the post before you publish, Login to your account using and then open the unpublished post. You will also see a banner like below
  • New Add a qoute to your post by adding [quote]your text here
  • Fixed Tags are shown with the colors selected in Notion on every blog post.


31 July 2021

  • New Now you can add [blog-posts|category=Tools|count=10] to show the blog posts on any page basing on the category. You can remove category and count to default to all posts.
  • Fixed Tags on each blog post will now redirect to new tag page that shows all the posts related to that particular tag.
  • Fixed some of the lost styling on the blog posts

13 July 2021 (Beta)

  • Wohoo! our first beta release. 🎉